Booking Options

So, if you have decided you would like to hire us, the next thing is to decide in what format...



Four piece - This is our standard set up, great for all occasions. 


Five piece - Popular with weddings, this includes the addition of a female vocalist.


Two Piece/Acoustic - For venues or occasions less suited to a full volume band, we can offer solo or full band acoustic options.


Odd Child DJ -  Often popular for weddings, we can play music through our PA system before and after the

                           band play, to save on having to pay for a DJ as well.  This can be songs that we arrange for

                           you, or you can give us the exact playlist you would like.



Prices will vary between gigs depending on how long we will need to be there, how long we will be playing for, band line up, what day of the week/public holidays etc.  So if you are interested, please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.