Joe - Vocals/Acoustic

Joe represents our Northampton connections. Brought together through a mutual friend in Oxford and now our best bud.  Versitile, and ever keen to play country music!

Who Are We?


We are a 4 (or sometimes, if you're very lucky 5) piece band comprising exceptionally talented musicians who love taking well known songs and performing them for the public to sing and dance to. No matter what your music taste Odd Child will please you with a setlist consisting of Peter Andre, The Beatles, Queen, Alicia Keys, R Kelly, Kings Of Leon and Take That.


Freddie - Lead Guitar

Freddie is our newest member and alternates with Adam to give us two incredible guitarists to choose from.  He's also played with the Quo for all you fans out there!

Adam - Lead Guitar

They call him the Witney wizard, Adam is a phenominal guitarist, has been with us since he was a teenager, and is also the inspiration for the band name.... because he is a very odd (but awesome) child!

Martin - Bass

Have been in bands since they first started playing, Martin and Sean keep it solid at the back and drive the band on.... also useful for banking advice!

Sean - Drums

Driving from the back, Sean provides plenty of energy and drive to keep you dancing! Also good for fire safety advice!